About Us

Al Rayan Real Estate Company is a limited liability company based in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. It has a strong and distinguished presence in the Emirate of Ajman. It was established in November 2015 by experienced professionals in the real estate field to work in all different areas of real estate, including buying, selling, investing, developing, renting, and managing properties. The company, represented by its management and team, strives to understand the rules and foundations of the real estate market scientifically and accurately in order to meet the increasing needs and aspirations of its customers, and then to develop and offer innovative and diverse real estate services that meet these needs

The following are the most important services that Al Rayan Real Estate takes pride in providing to our clients:

Real Estate Marketing

We are promoting and selling real estate properties, whether it’s residential or commercial, through various channels and techniques. This can include advertising through traditional media like newspapers, magazines, and billboards, as well as online platforms such as social media, websites, and email marketing.

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Real Estate Investment

At Al Rayan Real Estate, we seek to find real investment opportunities with different returns for us and our clients who are interested in investing in real estate projects that offer a profitable return on investment, according to a methodology characterized by transparency and responsibility at every stage of the investment

Real Estate Management

Property management has become a distinct real estate specialty with an integrated approach to other real estate fields. As a result of our extensive experience and involvement in all aspects of real estate in the Emirate of Ajman, we offer our clients property management services. We manage our clients’ properties according to the highest real estate standards that align with their requirements and needs. In this regard, our company is responsible for maintaining maintenance, cleanliness, security, rent collection, and settling government transactions and rental disputes. Additionally, we provide periodic proposals to our clients that help maintain the property and contribute to increasing its annual yield.

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